Word of the day- “Yenta Claus”

This one comes courtesy of what is possibly the most reputable source of all time, urbandictionary.com. According to Jewish folklore, Yenta Claus is: a way cool older woman that’s nice and really funny. She brings kids toys, especially us really good Jewish kids who Santa seems to forget…

Also on urbandictionary.com I discovered a letter that sweet young Jacob wrote to Santa:

“Dear Santa, do you have any magic Jewish elves to spare around Hanukkah? See my sister says you know Yenta Claus? Is there really such a person or not? Is there really a Hanukkah Harry? Who is this Santa Cohen and are any of them magic elves? Are they really Jewish too? Is Yenta Claus real? If that is true ask her not to forget me. Just say I am good and to give me an ipod. I love you, Thank you. Jacob.”

Word of the day- “formication”

Get your head out of the gutter, people.

According to thefreedictionary.com, formication is a noun which can be defined as: a body sensation that feels as if ants are crawling over the skin.

“I feel intense formication whenever I see a commercial for Dr. Phil. He really is that creepy.”