Things that bug me- Part II

I spent some time today transferring home videos from computer to DVD. I conquered all of 2010. As I did this I was reminded that it was about time that I write about a few more things that bug me. Here goes.

1. My own heavy breathing. In most every innocent home video I have ever made, there is what sounds like a porn star huffing and puffing in the background. And I am not talking about the harmless, Cinemax-type porn, I mean the nasty stuff! Kinda creepy when you are watching a video of your sweet little babes splashing happily in the tub and there is a freak in the background audibly breathing. Even worse when that freak is you. This is all my Dad’s fault. I didn’t even know what heavy breathing was until the first time I went to the movies with my Dad. I could hardly hear all the explosions and car crashes with all that breathing going on.

2. My own obnoxious laugh. I have been teased my whole life for the high-pitched giggly squeal that occasionally erupts from within. Never before did I really get what was so unusual about my laugh…then I watched the videos. Now I get it.

3. When people use the word conversate. I looked it up to see if it is actually a real word, and apparently it is. But I don’t care. It bugs me. When people use this word I think they are trying to make themselves sound more intelligent than they really are. Guess what, Zoolander? It ain’t workin’.

4. People who are from places with cold climates who act like they are not cold when it is actually freezing outside.There is no need to prove how tough you are by wearing a tank top and shorts when it’s 30 degrees outside.

5. When children talk too much in the car. Typically my kids are not terribly chatty in the car (they make up for it at home). In the car we usually listen and sing along to quality children’s music. You know, artists like Katy Perry and Flo Rida. Normally I have only experienced this chatty-kid-in-the-car syndrome with other peoples’ children. But since my big girl started Kindergarten there is just no stopping the constant yip-yap from the backseat. I don’t know just what it is about phonics that has a caffeine+diet pill-like effect on my girl but it needs to stop already. I mean, really? How am I supposed to pick up hot guys working the drive-thru window at Chick-Fil-A when they can clearly hear my children in the background?

6. When I hang out with a friend and they spend more time yapping and texting on their cell phone than they do talking with me. Am I crazy? This one really bugs me. I can certainly understand the need to pick up a call to confirm that your children are not on fire or that your mother-in-law is not on her way over to your house. But it is surely a sign of disrespect and complete disregard to actually carry on a complete conversation as though another human being is not even there. Right? This one almost makes me feel old-fashioned but I just need to put it out there for the sake of humanity…and my whopping 13 subscribers. Oops! This may bring me down to 12…


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