South Florida is the new Wild West

I have spent the majority of my life living in Florida, mostly in North FL, specifically Jacksonville. Prior to dating my now-husband I had not spent a great deal of time in his hometown, Ft. Lauderdale. I had visited nearby Miami a few times but really never got a true feel for South Florida life until I met Cruggers.

Through Crug, because of regular visits down south, I was introduced to the real South Florida, the shadiest place on Earth. And when I say shady, I am not referring to the palm trees. There is simply a fast-moving, moral questionability that surrounds the place. When I am there I often feel like a country bumpkin with a rusty car and an affinity for dipping tobacco.

On one of my early visits down south, we went to visit a good friend of Crug’s, Neil. Never before had I known someone who lived in a double-wide trailer…and had a live-in housekeeper. True story. When we got there and Neil asked what we’d like for lunch, I thought we’d be having sandwiches or something. That is, until he called in Rosario from the other room and had her whip up a fresh batch of gazpacho and paella. It was totally rad. Things like this simply do not happen in Jacksonville.

I have a friend, we’ll call her “Fabulosity.” She moved to Miami from Jacksonville several years ago. Now she summers in either Chicago or the Hamptons and regularly visits NYC and Vegas. Every other Facebook picture showcases her either front row at a sporting event, backstage at a concert, or aboard a private yacht. This girl has a masters degree, mind you, but no real job as far as I know. In South Florida things as trivial as a “job” seem not to matter a bit.

Speaking of jobs, have you ever read a magazine article referencing “the most unusual jobs ever”? This list typically includes jobs like ice cream taster, cow poop analyzer and nude beach lifeguard. Maybe you, like me, wondered where these workers are from? Well I found the answer! South Florida. They have some of the craziest jobs I have never heard of. Wacky stuff just happens there!

In case you didn’t know, Jacksonville can get pretty cold in the wintertime. There was a time when Cruggers and I briefly considered moving down south for the warm weather alone. Ultimately we decided against it. Truly, there are many great things to be said about South FL, but for now it is not the right choice for us. But who knows about the future? If I could find my own personal Rosario, I’d probably trade in the rusty car and Skoal in a second.


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