Being a girl’s girl and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I put off my nightly blogging duties for a few hours to catch up on the really important things in life. You know, things like Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (aka RHOBH).

So what does RHOBH have to do with being a girl’s girl? Or maybe you are wondering, what exactly is a girl’s girl? If you are a girl and this is your question, you likely are not one. First of all, a girl’s girl is NOT a man-hater. It is not even a requirement that you dislike sports, beef jerky, or urinating outdoors.

Here let us consider Camille Grammer of RHOBH. From the limited TV time I’ve spent with her, it is clear she is a classic example of someone who IS NOT a girl’s girl. Honestly, it is not jealousy that stirs me when I’m watching Camille acting all sexy and cat-like while she paddle-surfs. My general feelings toward her are not unfavorable. Rather, it is true concern that I feel as she speaks of the support she is missing in her life. She says that she lacks the support of a husband, true friends, and close family. That almost makes me feel sorry for her. Truly, my main worry as a kind-hearted viewer watching from home is related to her support system. Seriously. Have you seen the size of her boobs in comparison to the rest of her body? My honest concern for her is the “support” she must need simply trying to keep her body upright!

On the other hand, a girl’s girl truly appreciates and loves her girlfriends. Her gut reaction toward other women is not that of jealousy or competition. When a girl’s girl meets a new girl at a party or event, she is genuinely willing to start a friendship or acquaintance. She is not mean to the “new girl” simply because she can be (Kyle Richards, anyone?)…Since this cast doesn’t have much to choose from, so far my only hope for a true girl’s-girl on this season of RHOBH is Adrienne Maloof (please don’t prove me wrong, girl!).

In closing, please remember- Being a girl’s girl does not mean you are never bitchy toward other girls. It’s just that you reserve those bitchy actions for girls who truly deserve it. You know, girls like Camille Bitch-Hammer. Whoops! I mean Camille Grammer.


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