Meals on Wheels

Hmmm…Day #3 of blogging is very similar to day #3 of dieting for me. You know you should do it, you know something good will come out of it, but you really just don’t feel like it. Hopefully, as with dieting, once you get past that 3rd day, everything gets much easier.

So I started thinking of the sweet early days of dating my now-husband. Actually it was a bit drama-filled as I was engaged to someone else when we first met and “technically” my husband was still married…How white trash does that sound?! Anyway, so sweet hubs, AKA Cruggers, was my new upstairs neighbor who had fairly recently split from his wife. Meanwhile I was in the middle of a very drawn-out process of breaking up with my then-fiancee. (I guess this means we are both rebounders- hopefully we will be OK-almost 9 years now and I don’t even remember the last time I checked e-Harmony!)

But there was a bit of an obstacle on the speed rail of our love train…Was it our 8.5 year age difference? Was it our differing opinions on the true importance of professional football? Was it the fact that Cruggers is approx. 1 inch shorter than me? Nah! The true cause of discord was that another neighbor lady was making her move on my man!

She was just a bit older than hubs with 3 children and a husband who traveled more often than not for business. And she had gotten herself into a slutty little pattern of preparing my man a home-cooked meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Hence the nickname, Meals on Wheels-MOW for short). And although I realize my husband is a great type of guy to have as a neighbor (always has a bicycle pump handy or whatever condiment you may need to borrow), he does not require a home-cooked meal as thanks for his valiant neighborly duties. He prefers cash. A check will do in a pinch.

So as a new girlfriend falling hard and fast for my dreamboat, MOW was cramping my style. What’s a girl to do? Hmmm…While it might have been great fun to fill the gas tank of her car with Doritos or maybe even to “spike her Tab with Drano” (Adventures in Babysitting, anyone?), I went a different route…I made nice with MOW and guess what happened? She started cooking meals for me, too!

We still miss you, Meals!


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